Design that express your business

Einar design a Swedish design agency based in the Oresund region in the south of Sweden. We love helping companies attract customers through professional and efficient design. A website is a display window and should reflect your business and give a consistent and professional impression to the viewer. A new website is an investment and a well-developed site should pay off quickly. A website works for you day and night. Like a 24/7 employee – for free!

“Great design don’t steal the attention but emphasizes the message you want to get across.”


Simon Andersson – CEO, Artist

What we do

Design. Websites. Business cards. Folders. Keynote presentations. Ads. Social Media. Powerpoint. Text. SEO. Communication. Graphics. Images. Our clients happy.

Some of our projects

“Einar Design is effective, smart and cost efficient. Very nice people to work with and the process from concept to a final product was very smooth. I can recommend this company to anyone in my network.”


Peter Dahlqvist – V. Klagstorps Måleri

“We are very happy with Einar Design and their work! They provided us with a great website that attracts new customers for our growing business and their support has constantly been of high standards.”


Göran C Larsson – GC Bygg AB

“We received ultra fast service and could pick up our new business cards within a few days. Einar Design took care of the whole process from design to print and we are very happy with their services!”


Tommy Lidén – Tommy Lidén AB

Einar Design