About The Company

EINAR DESIGN is a creative design agency with the passion to help companies grow their business and express themselves in a beautiful – yet simple way.

Over the last few years – I’ve had the need to produce great presentation materials, programs, folders, websites etc for my artist career. After a while people started asking if I could produce stuff for them too and the idea of EINAR DESIGN was born. My passion is to help companies attract customers through professional and efficient design. This covers website design and production, visual identity, print material, marketing and strategy, all which are important factors affecting people’s decision-making.

Sweden is a country regarded as forerunners in design, being home of companies such as H&M and IKEA. Swedish or Scandinavian Design developed already in the fifties and is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. These characteristics shine through in the work at EINAR DESIGN.

Comparing businesses by the look of their webpage and visual identity is part of everyday life. This trend has come as a result of the Internet being used by 95% of the population. Everybody’s online and we all want to look our best!

Many businesses are in need of renewal to stay attractive. A website should be like a living document – constantly updated to reflect your latest business. By being updated with the latest technologies, great design and marketing experience, we believe that we can help your company stay ahead of your competitors.

We want all companies to be able to afford a great look and feel, so don’t be shy to talk to us and see what we can offer you. We are flexible and offer fixed prices that fit your needs. We can set up a payment plan if desired and we promise that you will be 100% satisfied!

Good design generates good business!

Simon Andersson
CEO & Artist